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Opposition to 80ft Cell Tower in the Farmers Market District - Zoning Change Z145-282

 "Local's on the Street"

Neighbors Oppose 80ft Verizon Cell Tower

Farmers Market District


Stakeholder's and property owners Craig Melde, Principal of Architexas & Buddy Jordan, Chair of Encore Park voice their opposition to the proposed Verizon Cell Tower at 1824 Canton Z145-282.

Neighbors are fired up about a rezoning that would allow a 80ft cell tower to go smack in the middle of recent economic development and revitalization plans. The proposed cell tower would be visible from new townhomes, new local businesses and the Encore Community Garden.

What can you do to help?  Write letters, make phone calls and send similar emails as shown below.  Not one Farmers Market Neighbor was contacted about the proposed rezoning until they inquired about the zoning change signs that had been posted.  When neighbors met with the Verizon Lobbyist they were told that City Hall, 500 S Ervay and nearby parking lot owners had already denied them because they didn't want it on their property.  No other buildings in the immediate area were contacted by Verizon as a rooftop alternative. Several stakeholder's have stepped forward to offer their buildings as a rooftop alternative to keep the tower off  the street level.  The Farmers Market Stakeholder's  & Community have worked hard to improve and revitalize their neighborhood with significant investment of time and resources, this would be a major setback.

Below are Examples of the Opposition letters sent by Farmers Market Stakeholder's (residents, businesses & property owners) to all City Planning Commissioners, Council Member Adam Medrano, Assistant City Manager Ryan Evans & Planner Sarah May opposing the Verizon Cell Tower in the Farmers Market District.

From: Rob Robinson []
Sent: Thursday, July 23, 2015 11:04 AM
Cc:; Adam Medrano; Evans, Ryan; Ragan Tanya
Subject: Zoning case Z145-282 (1824 Canton)


I am opposed to the proposed 80-foot Verizon cell tower on the street level at 1824 Canton Street.  As a resident in the Farmers Market District and an officer and board member of the Farmers Market Stakeholders Association the growing revitalization of the neighborhood is important to me. This cell tower would be a set back to that progress!

The cell tower would have a negative and adverse effect visually on the neighborhood.  Their are over 100 town homes occupied or under construction 2 blocks from this proposed tower. The current prices for these homes start at over $500,000. Street level towers are typically placed in blight areas.  My neighborhood in the Farmers Market District is NOT a blight area! 

The maximum height requirement for construction in this neighborhood is 50 feet. The tower should be placed on a rooftop and not on the street level and in an area that allows structures of 80 feet.

The Farmers Market community and stakeholders have worked hard over the past few years to revitalize our neighborhood with significant financial and manpower investments. It would be a slap in the face to the business owners and residents of the Farmers Market neighborhood to have the cell tower on the street level in our area. 

 I appreciate your attention to this matter and look forward to learning that it is resolved in a way that respect our neighborhood and its advancements.

Rob Robinson


From: Craig Melde
Sent: Thursday, July 23, 2015 11:45 AM
To: ''; Neil Emmons (; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''
Cc: Adam Medrano (; 'Evans, Ryan'; ''
Subject: Zoning case Z145-282 (1824 Canton) -Cell Tower

Dear Commission Members

I am writing to you to voice my strong OPPOSITION to the zoning change request to allow an 80 foot tall cell tower to be placed at the corner of Marilla and Park Street in the Farmer’s Market

Area. The introduction of this cell tower will have a significant adverse visual effect on our neighborhood.  

I have been a business owner in this area since 1983 and have re- developed two historic properties in the area for retail and housing. The community has worked very hard to revitalize our area. Our area is on the rebound and it is gaining momentum with redevelopment. The DDI 360 Plan which was adopted by City Council has envisioned this area to be a residential “neighborhood” which is becoming a reality. In addition, the Parks and Recreation Department envisions Marilla to become a major landscaped pedestrian connector, connecting the Convention Center with the Farmer’s Market. The proposed cell tower will be on this pedestrian way.
I have seen the proposer’s ideas to mitigate the adverse effect of this tower which is not acceptable.
There is nothing that can mitigate the adverse effect of an 80 foot tall cell tower.
The most appropriate location for this cell tower is on top of an existing building and not at street level in an emerging area.
Thank you for your service.
Craig Melde, AIA
Senior Principal
Architecture, Planning, and Historic Preservation, Inc.

1907 Marilla, 2nd Floor
Dallas, Texas 75201
214.748.4561 (p)
214.748.4241 (f)




See above examples of what a 80ft Cell Tower looks like from the Street Level.  The above cell tower location is adjacent to a Dart track and next to a highway overpass.  See one of our residents standing in the background for size comparisons.  These photos show the negative and adverse effect the cell tower will have visually on our neighborhood.  Farmers Market District is NOT a blighted area. We oppose the street level location.




Photo taken from the Green Door Public House showing the direct view of Canton Street and the proposed Verizon Cell Tower on left side.

Verizon Cell Tower Rezoning Application Z145-282 (1824 Canton).


Verizon Cell Tower Rezoning Signage at 1824 Canton.


Photo taken from Encore Community Garden showing the direct view of Canton St and the proposed Verizon Cell Tower directly in front.


Photo taken from Encore Community Garden on Canton Street towards S. Harwood and the Dallas Farmers Market.

Photo Credit: Tanya Ragan
Dallas Urbanista

See the plans for Encore Park Community Garden below and find out more information about the garden on their website.


Community Garden

Encore Park Community Garden will enhance the quality of urban life in downtown Dallas by fostering community through mentoring, volunteer participation, education and environmental stewardship. 

Encore Park Community Garden (EPCG) is a place where people of all ages, abilities, backgrounds and cultures will come together around an innate connection to nature and a basic right to healthy food.  It will provide Stewpot guests opportunities for employment as well as garden-sourced meals at The Second Chance Café.  The garden will be available to the 500 children reached through programming at The Stewpot and First Presbyterian Church.  Wheelchair accessible plots ensure that gardeners, regardless of ability, are able to garden independently.  

"We must do more to protect our neighborhoods and give integrity to our community plans."

- Alan Autry



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  1. There are plenty of tall buildings they could put this on and not have to build an eyesore tower.